Small Animal (Dog/Cat) and Small Exotic Animal Consultation Appointments

  • Initial consultation:  $220 (non-inclusive of medications dispensed at the time of the appointment)
  • Repeat consultation:  $118 plus cost of diagnostic test (dependent on diagnostic tests required and medications dispensed)

Evaluation Appointments for Cataract Surgery:

The first step in pursuing cataract removal surgery is to schedule an initial consultation appointment (see above).  If the doctor determines that your pet has cataracts and may be a candidate for surgery, the second step is to schedule a diagnostic appointment to evaluate your pet’s retinal and overall health.  The diagnostic appointment will allow us to determine if it is safe for your pet to have surgery under general anesthesia and to provide you with a prognosis for return of vision following surgery.   The following tests may be recommended at your cataract surgery diagnostic appointment:

    • Electroretinogram: $500
    • Ocular Ultrasound: $220
    • Comprehensive blood work panel:  $229

The cost of these diagnostic tests is NOT included in the cost of cataract surgery.

Learn more about Cataract removal.

Surgical Procedures

At Eye Specialists for Animals, we are happy to provide the following information about the range of costs to expect for some of our more common surgeries.

Cataract Removal

  • Unilateral: $3,000-$3200
  • Bilateral: $3,800-$4,200

*Dependent on candidacy for IOL (Intraocular Lens) in one/both eye(s)

There are three postoperative re-evaluations included when surgery is performed on one eye and four included when surgery is performed on both eyes.
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Cherry Eye

The price of this surgery depends on the severity of the condition and whether one or both eyes are involved; the cost ranges from $1,500 to $1,900.
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Diamond/Carbide Burr Debridement for Basement Membrane Disease/Indolent Ulcers

The cost for a comprehensive initial exam, performing a diamond burr debridement for the treatment of an indolent non-healing ulcer/BMD (using topical anesthetic), and medication is $800 (repeat is $435).
Learn more about Basement Membrane Disease (BMD) or Indolent Ulcer.

Diode Laser (for glaucoma treatment)

This procedure must be performed under general anesthesia for safety purposes. The cost is approximately $1,600 (one eye) to $2,000 (both eyes).
Learn more about Glaucoma.

Ectopic Cilia

Depending on the eye(s) affected and the number of aberrant ciliae involved, this procedure costs approximately $1,700, is performed under an operating microscope, and the patient is anesthetized using sevoflurane gas anesthesia.
Learn more about Ectopic Cilia.

Electroretinogram – ERG (to rule in or rule out SARD)

The cost for this procedure is $500-$900. An ERG can typically be performed without any sedation and the results are known immediately.
Learn more about SARD and an ERG.


Cost of treatment depends on the breed, severity of the entropion, and the number of eyelids involved but ranges from $1,400 to $2,000.
Learn more about Entropion.

Enucleation (eye removal)

**Please note that enucleation may be recommended for a number of different reasons including severe trauma, intraocular tumor, or glaucoma.**

  • Enucleation without histopathology – ~ $2,100
  • Enucleation with histopathology – ~ $2,300

Learn more about Glaucoma.

Intrascleral Prosthesis (ISP)

A prosthetic is preferred by some clients as it provides a more cosmetic (but still non-visual) eye. Not all dogs may qualify for this procedure and will be based on examination. The cost for an Intrascleral Prosthesis (ISP) is $2,200 (one eye) to $2,900 (both eyes).

Meibomian Gland Adenoma (MGA)

The cost for a comprehensive initial exam, removal of one eyelid mass (using topical and local anesthetic), cryotherapy (freezing therapy) and medication is approximately $600-$700.
Learn more about MGA.

Toxic Intravitreal Ciliary Body Chemical Ablation (TICBCA) – for Glaucoma treatment

This procedure is performed under light sedation and is approximately $1,300 (one eye) – $1,700 (both eyes).
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At Eye Specialists for Animals, we offer a number of other surgical options. For additional information on the cost for the above procedures or for other surgical options not detailed on this website, please call our office to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members.  Payment options include cash, check, credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) and Care Credit.